Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix - Ambient and Chill

Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix - Ambient and Chill

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I do not own the rights to any of the tracks (or the picture) used in this video. Also, read below the tracklist.

00:00:00 - 00:08:35 Smooth - Spaceport 65
00:08:36 - 00:14:29 Andreiclv - Ninsei
00:14:30 - 00:21:50 Jozef Nemcek - Quiet Circulation Time
00:21:51 - 00:25:53 Schuttle - Home
00:25:54 - 00:32:10 Yagya - Wind and Thunder
00:32:11 - 00:42:50 Advanced Dreams - Absent Presence
00:42:51 - 00:48:25 Monodisc - Confined Spaces
00:48:26 - 00:52:33 Quantec - Hymn To Ra
00:52:34 - 01:07:35 Forest Dub - Runo
01:07:36 - 01:12:57 Extrarausch - Nachtexpress (Hatless Mix)
01:12:58 - End Andreiclv - L5 O'Neill

Note: As I've said before, I am not a producer, dj or professional of any kind. I do not preform these "sets" live or anything and I'm not trying to be the next big Dub Techno/Electronic channel on youtube. These videos are just for fun and to promote the artists used in them (as Dub Techno is not nearly popular enough).

I have been getting a few comments on how some of my videos aren't technically "mixes". Yes, I suppose they are more so "compilations" if we are going to get specific but let's not. Since they are just for promotional purposes, do not get hung up on that kind of stuff. I have already called them "mixes" and for sake of staying consistent I will continue to do so. The reason for calling them that in the first place was not because I was necessarily mixing the tracks together but because there was a MIX (dictionary definition) of them in the video. There is slightly more info about this on my channel description but please, just enjoy, discover a new artist or two. What's really the big deal.


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