Space Ambient Mix 30 - Atmostrings by Sonus Lab

Space Ambient Mix 30 - Atmostrings by Sonus Lab

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Music by Sonus Lab

SONUS LAB is a Space Sound-Project started in 2011 in Wuppertal Germany.

Wallpaper artist:

Oleg Danylenko is a Self-taught artist from Ukraine living in Poland. Currently working on personal project. If you want to participate and in case you like wallpaper art please support:

Paypal account -


1. 00:00 - Atmostrings

2. 15:40 - 803

3. 31:42 - 801

4. 1:05:42 - 802

5. 1:28:54 - Blue Hemisphere

If You're an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix.

All videos on my channel (music mixes and tutorials) are free to watch by all users. If you would like to support me financially you can do so by donating via PayPal. My e-mail address:


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