Space Ambient Mix 33 - Frozen Dreams by The Intangible

Space Ambient Mix 33 - Frozen Dreams by The Intangible

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Music Produced by The Intangible:

Wallpaper artist:

Oleg Danylenko is a Self-taught artist from Ukraine living in Poland. Currently working on personal project. If you want to participate and in case you like wallpaper art please support:

Paypal account -


1. 00:00 Chiaroscure

2. 06:10 A Chance Encounter with Rama Kandra

3. 12:03 Continuum

4. 16:30 Crossroads

5. 21:03 Encyclopedia of Frozen Dreams

6. 26:25 Atom by Atom

7. 29:42 Evolution

8. 35:44 Interdimensional Amity

9. 44:42 Riddles in Binary

10. 48:34 Salvation in The Stars

11. 55:03 Heaven

12. 1:01:05 Anima

13. 1:05:42 Metacortex

14. 1:10:10 Shrines to Wakan Tanka

15. 1:20:41 Strange Sensations

16. 1:24:30 Through The Looking Glass

17. 1:29:05 Transcendence

If You're an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix.

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