Psychill   AuroraX -  aLive  Tree of Life Festival 2017

Psychill AuroraX - aLive Tree of Life Festival 2017

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Hello friends :)

I'm really glad to put some new material around. It has been dark and productive winter, bright fresh and productive spring and now times come , in which that material will be shared with all of you :)Seeds, of which tree's heavy, but yet vital shadows one day, will let you rest beneath , under the grown sounds of experience and inner evolution, shall all of us drift :)

Welcome to a journey, recorded from my live set few days ago @ Tree of Life festival in Greece. :)

Happy to say some unreleased tracks are present, yet more to come in my upcoming 2nd album.

I've been reworking the quality some of the arrangements and other components to most of my tracks since they have been created so you can expect surprises and newly integrated sounds to the tracks.

I found out that the ever changing flow is infinite and thus each track could actually be modified infinitely...

01.Tales Of the Particles (live edit)

02.Walking Monotones (live edit)

03.B-Metamorphosis (live edit)

04.Mystic Crock - Tempting Abyss (Auroral Maunaspheric live edit)

05.Photon Tribe (unreleased)

06.Photons Extended (live edit)



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